Waka Waka LED Lampje

18 november 2011

Presentatie LED Lampje bij de premiére van Silent Snow in het Amsterdamse Tuschinski Theater
Een kleine stap kan hele grote gevolgen hebben



Zie hier de presentatie na de premiére Silent Snow,  "het Waka Waka LED Lampje" klik op de afbeelding.

Een overvolle zaal. Bevlogen besprekers, zowel voor als na de film. En natuurlijk de indrukwekkende première-vertoning van Silent Snow: na de eerdere bijeenkomst ’s morgens in de Tweede Kamer was Duurzame Dinsdag was in het Amsterdamse Tuschinski theater een groot succes. De staande ovatie voor de makers en hoofdrolspelers, die uit Groenland, India, Uganda en Costa Rica waren overgekomen voor de première, was volkomen terecht.


Zie hier de trailer van de firm Silent snow:

Verbeter de wereld en begin bij je zelf, een kleine stap van een individu kan op lange termijn en zelfs op korte termijn grote gevolgen hebben.

LET OP het volgende statement waar wij geheel achterstaan ! 

I do not believe in giving money to the big charity organisations. I rather "do good" than make myself "feel good". I like to "teach how to fish, rather than give a fish". I also do not believe that so called not-for-profit organisations (imagine what that does to cost control) are the answer to "helping" people in very poor countries.

Two months ago I founded a company called Off-Grid Solutions BV (OGS) with three partners: Maurits Groen, Camille van Gestel and Kim van der Leeuw. OGS intends to produce solar powered LED lamps of superior quality, very good charge and light performance, designed to attract a "desire to own" as if it where an Apple, and at a cost level that people living on very little income can afford it.

Off course, this is not an easy target to achieve, yet we believe we are very close with our "WakaWaka" solar led lamp. In comparison, we beat all of the competition hands-down.

The WakaWaka is aimed first of all to people living without electricity, which happens to be a target market of roughly 1.6 billion people...Yet, we will also offer this lamp on websites around the world at much higher prices than we sell it for in Africa, of course.

In the past few months, we launched our WakaWaka in Tuschinksi Amsterdam, on stage with Bill Clinton in New York and had tons of PR in newspapers, radio and even TV. See this link:

To move from the prototype stage to full production, it is now time to move over from our private pocket funding from combined pockets of money, or deeper pockets. To combine many pockets from enthusiastic supporters, we have started two crowd funding initiatives on Symbid and Kickstarter. For the deeper pockets, we are now talking to (in)formal investors.

I would like to ask you if you want to participate in our venture too. A very controlled and hands on way of "doing good" while aiming for a solid financial return at the same time.

Investing in OGS can be done in three ways:
1) become a shareholder in OGS for amounts starting from as little as Euro 20 on Symbid, see:
http://www.symbid.com/ideas/890-wakawaka-solar-led-light or
2) pre-order a lamp for yourself on Kickstarter here:
3) contact me direct if you are interested in taking part in this profit oriented venture for larger amounts.

Already 50 people invested in WakaWaka on Symbid, and 106 pre-ordered a lamp on Kickstarter. We are talking to large multinationals for funding, as well as clean-tech VC capital and informals. Will you be our next financier ?

Thanks for your consideration and reading this large piece of text. Even more thanks if you now proceed with your investment !! 


Strategische samenwerking

31 oktober 2019

Samenwerking Luxendi en
Bergh Hybrid Circuits
stimuleert ontwikkeling van
innovatieve LED oplossingen


ISO 9001 - 2015

30 oktober 2019

Bergh Hybrid Circuits BV is gecertificeerd voor ISO 9001 - 2015.


CSPM Chip Scale Packaging Modules

15 november 2017

BHC is now using a new led technology called CSP. These leds are without housing and there for very small with a lot of possibilities in design. We already have made solutions for Tunable white, Dim2 Warm, lineair ledsstrips COB replacement etc.