Volume Thermobinder S925

22 november 2012

New XL volume production Thermal bind system  BHC is making the Electronics, sensors and heaters as a complete system.


The Unibind S925 is a binding system with 9 binding compartments. It can bind several documents at the same time. The S925 is always ready to use and has no warming up time, simply put your document into a cover, place it on the machine and the S925 takes care of the rest.

Can bind up to 45 documents at once
Designed for high-volume binding
Professional use
Binds up to 340 pages

Easy to use
Your work is done in 3 seconds - the Unibind 925 does the rest
Fully automatic

Always ready to use
No warm-up time
Perfect binding quality
Super-strong, permanent bond
Edit documents quickly and easily

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Strategische samenwerking

31 oktober 2019

Samenwerking Luxendi en
Bergh Hybrid Circuits
stimuleert ontwikkeling van
innovatieve LED oplossingen


ISO 9001 - 2015

30 oktober 2019

Bergh Hybrid Circuits BV is gecertificeerd voor ISO 9001 - 2015.


CSPM Chip Scale Packaging Modules

15 november 2017

BHC is now using a new led technology called CSP. These leds are without housing and there for very small with a lot of possibilities in design. We already have made solutions for Tunable white, Dim2 Warm, lineair ledsstrips COB replacement etc.