Thermobinder Unibinder 8.2

04 december 2012

New Thermal bind system  BHC is making the Electronics, sensors and heaters as a complete system.

UniBinder 8.2

The UniBinder 8.2 combines the traditional Unibind Resin SteelBinding with a newly developed crimping element. It binds documents from 1 till 120 sheets with only 3 spine sizes of covers. Bind, crimp and cool in seconds with only one system.

Can bind several documents at once
Crimps fully automatically according to the amount of sheets
Crimps all sizes till 15mm
Safe: functions only when detecting steel and no heated parts

Easy to use
Crimps fully automatic after detection of the steel spine
Your work is done in 3 seconds, the UniBinder 8.2 does the binding

Reduces the amount of spine sizes needed in stock
Improves the overall aesthetics of the book or cover
Edit documents quickly and easily
Binding-crimping and cooling all in one

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Strategische samenwerking

08 februari 2018

Samenwerking Telerex en
Bergh Hybrid Circuits
stimuleert ontwikkeling van
innovatieve LED oplossingen


CSPM Chip Scale Packaging Modules

15 november 2017

BHC is now using a new led technology called CSP. These leds are without housing and there for very small with a lot of possibilities in design. We already have made solutions for Tunable white, Dim2 Warm, lineair ledsstrips COB replacement etc.


CREE Solution Supplier selection

26 september 2013

Bergh Hybrid Circuits BV is geselecteerd door CREE als een van de weinige Solution Providers.

"Congratulations to Bergh Hybrid Circuits! You are part of a very select group of lighting suppliers to be chosen to be a Cree Solution Provider..
Only the best Lighting suppliers have been invited to join the CSP program.. "